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Thanks for the fantastic massages, they really got me through physically and also helped me stay buoyant emotionally.

∼ Skye Sewell (Dancer & Choreographer – Blank Canvas Resident Artist, QLD Australia) ∼

What to say about one of the best massages I’ve had in my life? It was not only good for my body, but it was good for my head, my spirit!

I’ve traveled a lot and have tried many different massages! (I’m talking about real massage, not the ones you can find in a spa or whatever!!)

This one was really a pure moment of heaven; not only for my body-pain, but for all the stress and the worries inside of me! I was so light and released after that, it was like somebody took all the weight off my shoulders! With all the techniques and his sensibility, Staś is fantastic!

If you really want to take care of yourself, give your body something like that, and the rest will follow!… It’s a little journey with yourself… no lies, no stress, you just relax and… you “come back” so light, so rested and so happy… It’s just delicious.

So if you ever feel stressed, depressed, sad or just tired, think about being kind with yourself, offer yourself a massage and Staś will take care of you…

I thank him to give me such a good and peaceful moment and when it was over, feeling myself twice as tall as I am!!! (note – and Peggy is tall! – Staś ? )

Once again, you gave me the best massage! Hope I’ll come back to Cork and have another “rest in heaven-massage”!

Best Regards

∼ Peggy Grelat-Dupont (Dancer & Choreographer, Paris) ∼

Staś, INCREDIBLE! 5 stars, thank you for the massage I was able to dance and move like a free little bird :o). My back owes you! I taught today with absolutely no problem, and I sent you a couple of students your way. It was grand! My body is incredible… Thank you :o)

∼ Adriana Echeverri (Dancer, Choreographer and Belly2Abs Founder, Miami) ∼

Staś provided a calm and comfortable environment that put me at ease from the outset. He listened carefully to my requirements and gave me a massage that in addition to being restorative and relaxing, helped me better manage my injury.

∼ Fearghus Ó Conchúir (Choreographer, Blank Canvas Resident Artist ∼

I started going to Staś for treatment at the start of the summer for my neck pain. I could not recommend him enough. Fantastic at what he does in very comfortable environment. If you are thinking of going for a massage go to Staś. Best Massage Therapist in Cork imo.

∼ Mary ∼

I loved every one of my treatments for whiplash, I found them very beneficial after my car accident. You had magic hands, very powerful. Each massage was done in a very professional way and I was totally relaxed, loose, free from pain & on air after each one. I liked your technique. Thank you so so much for all the powerful healing you have given me & best of luck in your amazing career. Lots of love & blessings.

∼ Diane ∼

Hi Staś – I was able to get some relief! I think just loosening the muscles was definitely helpful, and it reminded me to keep trying to loosen them on my own too (which I had been forgetting, and it makes a HUGE difference). I was really impressed by how thorough you were and how thoughtful and personal you were – I felt like you were really listening and trying to help me find a solution, which has not been my experience with others I have sought for help. I really appreciate your advice, and I will definitely follow up on it! Thanks again.

∼ Claire (Dancer) ∼

Staś gave a very thorough massage. He paid attention to problem areas and listened to my concerns. I felt loose and tension-free 24hrs later! I would definitely recommend him for massage.

∼ Nisha ∼

Brilliant all over. Very consistent, respectful/professional, clear/precise, also relaxing. Environment created is totally clean and very conducive to tension release and active healing. Has a natural affinity with finding the human body’s problems and issues. Extremely effective treatments and takes great care and clearly enjoys his work. I am definitely going to find a way to continue this.

∼ Chloe ∼

I have suffered from a frozen shoulder for over a year which on many occasion I suffered from severe pain and very little mobility … I met Staś Bernasiński … and visited him on four occasions … After each session I found a vast improvement. I found his method of work very soothing and experienced no pain on all four sessions. It is now two weeks since my last visit, I have complete mobility and with complete absence of pain. In all honesty I would recommend Staś to anyone who needs massage treatment as he has a very high standard (achieved). I also must say that he and his massage room meets a very high standard and that if he keeps up this high standard he will and should do very well in this profession. Yours sincerely, very pleased.

∼ Frank ∼

I have been going to Staś for massages for a long time now. They are very relaxing and have solved problems in the past such as leg pain, neck pain, and stress related muscle tension. I am a dance instructor and recently I have been suffering from mechanical back pain due to increase in activity/exercise. Today I had my first treatment for this back pain and feel a whole lot better. After my massage today, I rested for a few hours and after that I was full of energy to get my jobs done. I always feel great after his massages. So whether you want to just relax or need to be fixed, give Staś a call. He’s great!

∼ Louise (Dancer) ∼

The experience with Staś’s massage brought me new consciousness about my body. Since we started with the massage practice I take care of my self more. I’m more aware of the muscles in my body. His technique is good and always brought me good feeling in my body after.

∼ Tonynho ∼

The treatment over the past few weeks has been relaxing, even if only for helping me to focus on my work for the rest of the day. I have also become more aware of my back posture and tension. Overall, the full body massage has been very pleasant, but in order to work out any tension in certain places, multiple sessions focusing on those areas would be more helpful.

∼ Suzie (Dancer) ∼

I found my experience with Staś to be very professional, efficient and reliable. As I have had a bit of back pain for years he did what he was capable of doing in order to help relieve the pain. Overall I could see myself going to him regularly due to his method of carrying out massage and also how friendly and welcoming he was.

∼ Maria ∼

This short note is just to say THANK YOU. After attending your practice with 2 complaints, sore calf muscles and left foot pain (suspected plantar fasciitis) mainly from running long distance, there has been noticeable improvement after having 4 sessions on each ailment which in turn has made my return to running easier for me. The standard of care, consideration and total professionalism in carrying out your job is commendable, and your interest in and ability to make the client relax and enjoy their treatment an added bonus. Also it has been a great pleasure to have met you. Continued success in your practice and future endeavours.

∼ John ∼

Just a note to say thank you for the fab treatments I got, they really have helped my anxiety and am looking forward to booking another session soon. Great work and thanks for helping me, best of luck.

∼ Annemarie ∼

I just wanted to let you know that we really found the relaxation massages excellent and on leaving we were pleasantly impressed we were not covered in oil. We found you to be professional and felt very comfortable in your presence. We will defintely be making another appointment soon.

∼ Linda & Frances ∼

For years I’ve been trying out different massage therapists and beauty salons to find the one that works best for me, with just the right amount of pressure and the knowledge on where to apply it. My experiences went from being gently stroked, all the time wondering when the therapist (a very young beautician) will begin the massage, to being poked by the elbows and knees of an 1.90 m tall body builder fearing death by internal bleeding. Of course there were many good experiences too, but Staś was the one that showed me what a good massage really is all about! With a huge level of professionalism he knows exactly what to do, where and how to build up pressure on just the right places, to suit your very own needs. I left his bench 100% satisfied and happy and would absolutely recommend him to anyone! If I wasn’t living in Wexford I’d definitely go to him once a week!

∼ Sandra (Dancer) ∼

I wanted to take a moment and be thankful for the healing hands and therapeutic energy that Staś has. After a long week of rehearsals and performances during the Cork Midsummer Festival and Starlight at the Firkin Crane I had first an energetic and conditioning massage that enabled me to perform at my peak then after the shows on Sunday Staś restored me with an incredible massage that has relieved tired and stressed muscles. I feel amazing at the beginning of this week. Thank you so very much.

∼ Matthew Morris (Dancer, Choreographer & Teacher, London) ∼

I’m not the kind of person to seek treatment quickly. This year I found myself in a lot of pain and went to see Staś. I was very impressed with how thorough he was and how he discussed what he was thinking and why he would do something. One session and the follow up exercises was all I needed to be pain free. Great experience.

∼ Stephanie ∼

Staś has managed to cure my ‘Tennis Elbow’ which I’ve been suffering for the past 3 months. He is a wonderful masseuse and I highly recommend Remedy Massage.

∼ Tric ∼

Hi Staś, It’s Neil here from Australia re Cork marathon. Had a great run at about the 18 km mark I felt a twinge in my left hip flexor area and was a little concerned but it all past within 1 km. I set out with the 3.45 paced group and spoke to a few in the group which I really enjoyed. I headed off a bit quicker after 10km with another guy and felt great the whole distance with a 3 min negative split which I’m really happy about. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a long run feeling so well. Thanks again for your help enjoy Killarney and the hike up Mount Kilimanjaro. Cheers.

∼ Neil ∼

Having had a very complicated leg fracture which necessitated much physical therapy & massage over the past 12 months, I cannot speak highly enough of Staś. His very ‘down to earth’ yet professional approach has helped enormously on my long road to recovery. Thank you sincerely and I highly recommend you to anybody needing good physical therapy or massage.

∼ Patricia ∼

Based in the Firkin Crane Dance Theatre the treatment room is warm and quiet. The session starts with a review and an explanation of what areas are to be worked on during the session. While Staś works on you you are still in control; feedback is welcome as to the level of pressure etc. This is very much a holistic experience as the pain and stress is relieved but the mind and spirit are renewed and refreshed.

I have suffered on and off for many years and have been to several practitioners. Remedy Massage is by far the best I have been to. From the start Staś put a very clear plan in place. In the past my pain was eased but never cured. This time I was fully informed of how the body is connected and so if I have a pain in one place there is a connecting reason coming from somewhere else. During my sessions, which are very professionally run, progress was monitored and new steps taken.

Other practitioners do the 5/6 weeks and say goodbye but with Remedy Massage it’s more of a journey, and a plan for wellbeing and aftercare is offered.

I can honestly say this is the best my body has felt in over 20 years. I have been able to do my work better and travel distances without my back getting tired and knotted. I cannot recommend Remedy Massage and Staś enough!

Thank you.

∼ John ∼

Thank you for the amazing massage therapy I received. It was the best massage I ever received and it healed and solved a multitude of issues for me. I have had no issues since the therapy, my back has gotten stronger and painfree. (Note – written three months on). Also thank you so much for your help and support ringing my Mum.

∼ Mary Rose ∼

I first heard about Remedy Massage from the WhazOn flyer in Cork. I had had a pain in my back for a year and it was getting extremely serious, so that I could hardly sit down anymore. Staś was extremely professional and attentive, asked specific questions about my medical history and listened carefully, then explained exactly what he was going to do. I had two one-hour sessions in one week, after which the pain almost completely disappeared. I whole-heartedly recommend Remedy Massage.

∼ Alexandra ∼

I just wanted to tell you that after that last massage, my legs never felt better. I had no trouble at all in France and even had extra mobility. I don’t know what you did, but the legs never felt better. Your hands are gifts from the gods. France was great and the boat fantastic and I walked with no pain.

∼ Séamas ∼

After just 5 treatments with Staś he successfully removed years of chronic trauma and stress I had been holding in my neck and shoulders – now my muscles feel loose, supple and free once again. Thank you Staś for your calm confidence and healing hands!

∼ Clare ∼

Staś was the only practitioner in Cork city who was able to help me figure out a chronic, post-pregnancy foot problem. It was such a relief. I had gone to several other practitioners, who only looked at the problem locally rather than holistically. I was also treated respectfully rather than being told that it was just an inevitable side-effect of being a childbearing woman. Staś was thoughtful, asked a range of questions, and did a range of ‘tests,’ and figured out pretty quickly what the cause had been. I was then given a series of exercises – wholly different to the ones I had received from other therapists—and the problem was solved. Since then, I go directly to Staś with any issues, as I know I’m in very good hands.

∼ Sabine ∼

I came to Staś with back and neck pain, his massages were of great help in relieving the tension built up from bad posture and nerve related pain in the upper back, his advice on how to help with avoiding further pain and improving posture was of great help, has a great knowledge of the workings of the muscular system, highly recommend, thanking you, Charles.

∼ Charles ∼

Had a great experience here. I had pain for 2 years that other treatments could not fix. Stas worked with me and listened to my history to work at addressing the issue. He helped resolve the issue and helped provide understanding as to its potential cause.

∼ Luke ∼

Staś is just brilliant. I’m a usual customer and every massage is done with a great care and professionalism.
My issues started after the chemotherapy, all my body was rigid, couldn’t move arms and head, couldn’t sleep well, he literally saved me.
I feel a great benefit on my body after every single massage, his hands have something special.
The receipts are issued electronically always on time right after the treatment.
I strongly recommend Staś as your massage therapist.

∼ Dorota ∼

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